Angler’s Club

Huntington Lakes Anglers & Social Club

We are a club participating in social activities, as well as the pursuit of fish both in the freshwater lakes here in Huntington Lakes and in the nearby Atlantic Ocean. We have a regularly scheduled fishing gathering once a week at one of our lakes and we try once a month (weather permitting) to organize a group for one of the local party boats for drift fishing off the coast in the ocean.  We also organize six person groups for charter of one of the privately owned charter boats in the area. These trips are open to members and their guests only, so if you are interested in fishing, please sign up.  We also organize a set of social activities during the year so our members can catch up on the latest news and enjoy local attractions and events

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month, from December to March, in the Terrace Room at the HL Clubhouse. Our meetings take place at 11:30 AM, last about 90 minutes,  and  usually include a speaker or entertainment. Our dues arc $15 annually per family.

The Anglers club meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of November instead of the third Tuesday because of the Thanksgiving holiday. The meeting will be November 12, 2019 at 11:30 am in the Terrace room.

We welcome new members. If you are interested in attending one of our meetings, or have questions about our activities, please call one of the officers listed below for information. Visitors are welcome at our meetings, so come on down.

Our current slate of officers includes

We are always looking to infuse new ideas and talent into our organization, so if you want to contribute your time and interest, please contact us or come to a meeting!!