Closing Down Apartment

Helpful Hints For Closing Down Your Apartment for the Summer or Any Prolonged Period

  1. Thoroughly clean apartment, cabinets, and laundry room, and dispose of all garbage.
  2. Leave key and telephone number with someone who will be checking your apartment and watering your plants.
  3. Leave copy of appliance maintenance contract and homeowners’ insurance.
  4. Close all windows, pull down shades, close drapes, pull down and lock roll-ups, close and lock patio doors.
  5. Clean and empty refrigerator, leaving doors propped wide open. If refrigerator is left turned on, adjust settings to lower levels to conserve electricity.
  6. Clean or replace air conditioner filter.
  7. Dispose of all sugar, grains, cereals, and flour products. All jars should be closed tight.
  8. Clean toilet bowls thoroughly, pour one-half gallon Clorox into each bowl, and cover with plastic wrap.
  9. Thoroughly clean garbage disposal, and under kitchen sink.
  10. For air circulation, leave open dresser drawers and all doors, including shower door, passageway, laundry room, linen and clothing closets.
  11. Strip beds of all linen, stand up cushions to allow air circulation.
  12. Disconnect all appliances, lamps, radios, TV antennae, etc.
  13. Generously apply insecticide throughout the apartment. Make sure to have this repeated during your absence.
  14. DO NOT use moth balls or camphor of any kind. They emit toxic fumes.
  15. If you use Stay Dry, advise the person attending your place to empty containers.
  16. Set humidistat at 68° or on “away” position, set thermostat at 78° and on auto-cooling position.
  17. Turn off all circuit breakers except air conditioner and TOCOM. lf you leave your refrigerator turned on, leave that circuit breaker on.
  18. Shut off main water supply valve, located in the kitchen pantry.
  19. Suspend phone service and newspaper deliveries.
  20. Leave self-addressed envelopes with neighbor, to receive Waterside Views and Huntington Lakes paper.
  21. Notify Post Office to forward mail.
  22. Lock front door

Have a Safe Trip and Hurry Back!!!!!