Fitness Department


While the Clubhouse is closed, Fitness Classes are being streamed via our community channel continuously on Channel 95.


Stretch & Flex

We offer a variety of classes meant increase flexibility. Start stretching today in classes like Yoga & Meditation, Water Stretch & Body Balance


Dance Cardio, Zumba Fitness, Kick-n-Box and Chair Zumba are just a few of the classes we teach to to tap into the heart of what makes fitness fun!

Weight training

Classes like Body Pump Gym Training and Step & Bands strengthen and shape your body.

About the fitness team


"Whether you see me instructing classes, engaging in conversation or personal training I always have an ear open to you."

I first started in the fitness world when I was 36, with the opening “The Body Shop Aerobic Studio” in Lantana, Florida. This was an exciting venture where I learned to instruct fitness classes while meeting incredible fitness students and professionals along the way. I marketed my business by appearing on TV demonstrating Aerobic Exercise. During this time I helped other fitness instructors create exercise videos on location and worked with them at my studio.

Before coming to Huntington Lakes, I worked in New York City managing private health clubs and instructing exercise classes for five years. I was also the manager of  “Club 30” on The Upper West Side and in charge of it’s restaurant. Working in Manhattan formed me into a more knowledgeable and sophisticated fitness professional.

Working in fitness has changed my life and dreams in many positive ways. The main reason I love exercise soo much is because I get to help others become fit and healthy. Although exercise is important for fitness and health I believe it should be fun too. Many of the classes I instruct are athletic such as Cardio Training or gentler in nature like Yoga, but other classes are just incredibly fun like Zumba and Zumba Gold. I enjoy not only teaching exercise classes but also helping each individual reach their fitness goals.

I have worked for Huntington Lakes for 24 years and it is an honor to work at such a great place where I have learned soo much from our senior athletes. Whether you see me instructing classes, engaging in conversation or personal training I always have an ear open to you.

Huntington Lakes has also incorporated Total Health Systems. They are a group of contracted Fitness Instructors on rotating schedules with a variety of class types. This company has made it possible for you to have quality classes while helping to lower the burden for our star, on staff instructor, Tricia.