Gate Access Program

Our community is now using to help manage visitors. In addition to the original voicemail call-in system, you may now use to manage your preferences regarding permanent and temporary guests and set your own notification settings to receive an email and/or text message signaling guest arrival at the gate. We hope you will take advantage of this technology and have provided a guide specific to our community for ease of use. If you have further questions regarding this program or require assistance, please do not hesitate to call the HLI Clubhouse office or stop in.

Click the button to go to after reviewing the helpful guide below.


Most frequently asked questions

Let’s go through what information is requested to log in. First, will ask you for your Community Code. That’s us! Select “HLI” from the drop down box. Next, it asks for your username which, for our community, is your primary phone number. Finally, your password is your unique pin number. Still having trouble or not sure what your primary phone and/or pin number is? Come visit us a the HLI Clubhouse office with your resident ID and we will be happy to give you the information once we verify your identity in person.

Would you rather not participate in this program? See guide above, right image. Once logged in, select ‘contact information’, go to ‘notification preferences’ and select ‘No Alert’ to opt out of all notifications and select update. If you only want to opt out of emails, simply delete your email address and press update to apply the changes. 

Yes. Rest assured that is a highly secured website. According to its creator, ABDI: “The HTTPS website is secured with a 256bit certificate. Data remains on the website and passes to the community server through an encrypted VPN tunnel”. 

We want you to be comfortable with which ever system for allowing guests you prefer, or both! Click Here to learn how to use the call-in system.