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Section Five Association

Section V Board of Directors 

The purpose of the Board of Directors of Huntington Lakes Section V is to provide a structure for management and maintenance of Buildings 37-44 of the Huntington Lakes community (known as the Section V Condominium), and their surrounding grounds. In accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the governing documents, the Board determines a budget for annual expenses and reserves for major maintenance activities , and levies maintenance fees on the individual unit owners to satisfy the needs of that budget. It also represents the individual unit owners in higher level organizations related to the Condominium, such as the Huntington Lakes, Inc. (HLI) Board of Directors, the Oriole Village Council (OVC), and the Alliance of Delray Residential Associations (Alliance). The Board consists of seven members elected from and by the individual unit owners in annual elections, and those elected members serve for two year terms.

The Board meets monthly, on the second Monday of the month, at 10:00 AM, in the Huntington Lakes Clubhouse. The room used varies, depending on the expected attendance and room availability. The date of the meeting may be changed because the regular meeting conflict s with a civil or religious holiday. In this case the revised meeting will take place on the following Monday.

Please note- Section V has a contract with American Medical Response (AMR), an ambulance service.
If you need non-emergency transport to or from a medical facility please call AMR at 954-776-3300.
The cost for this transport will be paid for by Section V.

Note – In the event of a true medical emergency,

CALL 911

The paramedics will respond and, if they assess the case as an emergency, will transport the patient to a hospital of the patient’s choice. If they assess the case as a non-life threatening emergency, which still requires hospitalization, you should then call AMR and they will transport the patient.

The following contact numbers should be used to report a malfunction or to obtain assistance in a non-emergency situation.